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For Quality Brake Repair, Calgary Drivers Choose Alberta Automotive 

You’re in your car, going about your normal routine when you hear it: a horrible grinding noise every time you step on the brakes. What’s going on?

You already know how much you rely on your car every day. In some ways, you might even take it for granted. But when it’s time for brake repair in Calgary, you need a company that understands everything there is to know about brake systems. You need Brake Check.


At Wenatchee Global Car Care, we realize how important your car is to you each day. So, when you have to get it serviced, it does inconvenience you. So, we’ve added some features to our business that tries to make your auto repair and maintenance more convenient for you. Here is a list of some of the things we’re doing to help you.

Same Day Service is a top priority: We know you need your car back as soon as possible, that’s why we’ve developed an organized and fluid system that allows us you to get your car back the same day it comes in. This is not just maintenance, but repairs too. Obviously, certain circumstances prohibit us from completing work on the same day. However, we work hard to keep those situations to a minimum.

Online Appointment Requests: Here on our website, we have a Request Appointment Page that allows you to send us an appointment request any time of the day or night, while we are open or closed. Once our advisors receive the request, we check availability and contact you to confirm or arrange another appointment. Using this system helps you start the ball rolling any time when it’s convenient for you.

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Our Team

Since 2006 the Driven Automotive Repair Center Ltd. team has been working together cooperatively to provide and refine automotive service and repair in the Regina area.

A combined knowledge base of almost a century and a half, pertaining to both the automotive industry and our business operation, is proof of our commitment to relationships, integrity, and professionalism.

Journeyperson Technicians

We have 6 experienced and fully trained journeyperson technicians. They have access to state-of-the-art factory diagnostic equipment, ensuring that your problem is identified and serviced right the first time.

We’ll go the extra mile to ensure your car leaves here in the best condition possible.